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This Dog is Great - New book!

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I’ve always wanted to create a picture book with a dog as the main character, and This Dog is Great has DOZENS of dogs as the main characters!

With my main client contracts finished and a bit of spare time appearing in the last couple of months (what a foreign concept…) I’ve finally had the opportunity to explore the many, many personal projects I’ve had sitting in lists and sketchbooks. One of those projects is this kid’s book.

The book itself started as a quick doodle of my dog, Lola (above). Her unique features have always made her a perfect subject for endless doodles and illustrations. This soon spiralled into more doodles, thumbnails, storyboards, writing, then eventually I gave in and turned it into a book project.


I’ve always found it incredibly important for people - especially kids - to be aware of dogs and their diverse appearances, personalities, and quirks. Lola is a rescue from Spain who is currently in training to help with her dog reactivity (dislike/fear of other dogs) so I often find myself explaining to kids and their parents why she has a yellow ribbon, or why she wears a muzzle sometimes, or what her ‘No dogs’ bandana means. I rarely see this sort of information available for the younger audiences in the form of books or other child-friendly formats. This Dog is Great is my first step in helping fill this gap!


Future plans for this project will be expanding the subject matter into something bigger. Full colour, more focus on narrative, and introduction of reoccurring characters are the main additions, but I’m also hoping to produce a proof copy to send to publishers. The actual story for this is still in my brain and has yet to make its way to paper, but it’s definitely something I want to pursue!

This Dog is Great can be purchased below as either a standard edition or limited edition which comes signed by me and Lola(!) and with an original illustration on the inside cover of your favourite dog breed/cross!

This Dog is Great - Standard edition
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