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This Dog is Great - Standard edition

This Dog is Great - Standard edition


New release for 2018!

Do you love dogs? Do you love all the different shapes, sizes, personalities, and weird quirks? I certainly do!

This Dog is Great explores this diversity and amazing uniqueness that dogs bring into our lives. With adorable lil’ pups throughout, this book makes for an ideal read for any child or grownup! Perfect as a present for that crazy dog person in your life (everybody has one, even if it’s you!).

A limited special edition is also available which is signed by the author/illustrator AND Lola the Podenco (with an adorable original paw print) who is featured on the front cover! PLUS have your favourite dog breed as an original illustration on the inside cover! LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Buy limited edition here!

Black and white interior, 21.5cm x 21.5cm, 42 pages.


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